Below you can find brief information about the research interests of the researchers as well their contact information. 

  Professor Kimmo Grönlund
  Director of research
Kimmo Grönlund



Research areas: Political behavior, democracy, experiments in citizen deliberation, deliberative democracy, elections and voting, public opinion.
Visit: Fänriksgatan 3 A, Åbo 
Mail: Åbo Akademi, ASA A 4, 20500 Åbo, Finland
Phone: +358 2 215 4586
e-mail: kimmo.gronlund[at]

Dr. Kim Strandberg
Associate professor

Kim Strandberg


Research areas: Political communication and behaviour on the internet, citizen deliberation, experimental research
Visit: Strandgatan 2, 65101 Vasa, Finland
Mobile: +358 50 5647510 (Internal number 807456)
e-mail: kim.strandberg[at]


Dr. Peter Söderlund, Associate professor 
Peter Söderlund
Academy researcher
Research areas: Voter- and election studies, voter volatility and political institutions
Visit: Strandgatan 2, 65101 Vasa, Finland
Phone: +358 6 3247251
e-mail: peter.soderlund[at]

Dr. Henrik Serup Christensen
Associate professor 

Academy researcher
Research areas: Research areas: Political participation and the consequences for democracy, political disenchantment, new forms of political participation, democratic innovations
Phone: +358 2 215 3544
Mobile:+358 443606977
e-mail: hchriste[at]

Kjell Herberts
Kjell Herberts
Research areas: multilingualism, minorities, methodology
Mail: Strandgatan 2, 65101 Vasa, Finland
Phone: +358 50 3632895
e-mail: kjell.herberts[at]

Dr. Staffan Himmelroos
Staffan Himmelroos
Post doctoral fellow
Research areas: Deliberative democracy, democratic theory, democratic innovations
Mail: Fänriksgatan 3 A 20500 ÅBO
Phone: +358 2 215 3545
Mobile: +358 50 3807047
e-mail: staffan.himmelroos[at]

Dr. Marina Lindell
Marina Lindell



Research areas: Citizen deliberation, democracy research,
democratic innovations, democratic discussions, opinion change, political behavior
Visit: Strandgatan 2, 65101 Vasa, Finland
Phone: +358 6 3247154
e-mail: marina.lindell[at]

Dr. Inga Saikkonen
Inga Saikkonen
Research areas: Comparative democratization, authoritarianism, elections, subnational politics
Address: Åbo Akademi University, ASA A 4, 20500 Åbo, Finland
e-mail: inga.saikkonen[at]

Dr. Maria Bäck
(University of Tampere 2017)
Maria Bäck

Post doctoral researcher (CONTRE)
Research areas: Social capital, political trust, political participation
Visit: Fänriksgatan 3A, 20500 Åbo
Mobile: +358 44 585 6076
e-mail: maria.t.back[at]

Janne Berg
Janne Berg
Doctoral student (D:CE)
Research areas: Political communication, political participation and citizen behaviour on the internet, political discussion, e-petitions, democracy research. 
Mail: Strandgatan 2, 65101 Vasa, Finland
Phone: +358 6 3247 145
Mobile: +358 46 921 6576
e-mail: janne.berg[at]

Thomas Karv
Thomas Karv
Project researcher, doctoral student
Research area: political trust
Mail: Strandgatan 2, 65100 VASA, Finland
Phone: +358 40 755 88 05
e-mail: thomas.karv[at]

Marco La Rosa
Marco La Rosa
PhD Candidate
Research areas: EU institutions, European studies, political representation, political behavior, democracy research, political communication
Address: Åbo Akademi, ASA A4, 20500 Åbo
Tel.: + 358 40 023 85 26
e-mail: marco.larosa[at]

Nanuli Silagadze
Nanuli Silagadze
PhD Candidate
Research areas: Political behaviour, direct democracy, democratic innovations
Address: Åbo Akademi, ASA A4, 20500 Åbo
Tel.: + 358 504139369
e-mail: nanuli.silagadze[a]